In the Air Again

Lately I’ve had the luxury of gigs at home in the Triangle, and it’s been almost eight weeks since I’ve been on an airplane. But today it’s back up in the air. Judging by my trips listing on, it looks like I’m back to my old tricks, or uh, travels.


RDU is a beautiful airport, and its spacious, aviation-inspired lobby welcomed me back this afternoon.


It’s back to back gigs in Michigan and Arizona for me, and I have one of those complicated multi-city itineraries that I delight in planning.

I’m a great flyer. I have perfected all the routines and neurotic habits of a frequent traveler. But even for the best of us, even for those lucky enough to have elite status on an airline or two, air travel is exhausting and frequently unpleasant.

Yesterday American had a flash sale on one-day passes for the Admirals Club, and on a whim I bought one. I decided to use it today because after all, one doesn’t have to jump feet first into the travails of travel, does one?

The glass doors silently slid open to welcome me to an oasis of quiet and free drinks at O’Hare:


Where I whiled away a refreshing two hours and enjoyed a Niçoise salad served on a real plate.

But now it’s on to Grand Rapids and then Tucson, and some great music at both destinations.


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