Back to School

When I flew back from Arizona last week my O’Hare to RDU leg was full of college-aged people, presumably flying back to their Triangle area schools to start another year.


Late August usually makes me wistful. I miss the excitement and new beginnings that a fresh school year brings. My life operates on a calendar similar to the academic one since the concert season is generally September to May, but summer gigs bridge the gap from one concert year to the next, and it often feels like one continuous season of preparing and performing.

I’m not complaining about a steady stream of work, and this year I don’t have to miss the mild and strangely pleasant stomach quiver of those first school days either. I’m heading back to school…as a teacher!


This year I’ll be teaching voice two days a week at East Carolina University. ECU has one of the best music programs in the state and I’m incredibly excited to join the staff there. I’m looking forward to working regularly with college level students and being part of a faculty with great colleagues with whom I can collaborate in performances.

I met all my students this week, and love them already. Since I’m new to ECU my studio is full of mostly freshmen, and that’s perfect. We can all figure out this college thing together.



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