Warmups and Wagging Tails

Just a short posting this week, but I promise cuteness. It’s great being back in the Old Pueblo and singing Dido and Aeneas again. I have a super homestay too: my parents’ house. It comes equipped with a friendly practice buddy, Lizzie.


She doesn’t howl along with me like my dog Charlie does (more on that in a future post), but when I sing above the staff she starts to wag her tail furiously and then jumps up on me, trying to get close to the source of those weird, high sounds.

Lizzie wagging GIF

My first animated GIF! At once annoying and awesome

A music-appreciating dog makes any gig better.


3 thoughts on “Warmups and Wagging Tails

  1. Wonderful dog and gif! It would be interesting to collect anecdotes about animals who react to music. I’ve heard of dogs howling, growling or crying, and cats whining or scratching when their humans sang or played. I had a banjo student who had to lock her Jack Russell terriers in another room because they growled and snapped at her ankles when she practiced.

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